Bicycle Lock

Finalist in the NESTA 'Hands Off My Bike' competition.

Remains undefeated in competition testing. 

‘Lucky-U’ is a protective sleeve for a traditional U-lock which contains a fluorescent smelly sticky tar, loose woven kevlar and steel braided wire. 


With this combination of materials Lucky-U is extremely messy, unpleasant and difficult to cut through.  The putrid tar and kevlar quickly clog up and ruin tools.  This softer type of defence eliminates many forms of attack traditionally used on standard U-locks. 


Sawing:  This will be a very messy, smelly and unpleasant experience.


Bolt Cutting:  This tool is specifically designed to cut through hard materials with a small diameter.  


Jacking:  The tar and twisting sleeve make it very difficult to apply enough pressure without the jack slipping.

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